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In May 2013 I had the chance to spend a week in Krakow. Several walks in the city and some sightseeing resulted in the following picture collection. It is not my aim to inform about importance and history of the city and its vicinity, there are uncountable good books available about that. If you wish more facts about Krakow, go here ...

My second visit was a weekend in June 2016. This time I saw more of the city and its vicinity.

My photos should give you a good impression about what you can expect to see when you are there. In addition there are many churches, museums and historic sites to be seen.
Many tourists come here to visit the Nazi-sites like Auschwitz or Schindler's factory, but the city of Krakau itself has also a lot to offer. Due to the many universities there is a lively scene of bars, restaurants, entertainement and activities availabl

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